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application security

Application Security – test your applications

Security vulnerabilities in web applications account for the majority of the issues Sentor discovers in security audits. Applications and networks are increasingly complex and open as larger amount of information become accessible through the Internet. Applications and systems develop rapidly, often with tight deadlines and focus on functions. This leads to production launches where security has not been part of requirements in specifications or testing.

Security analyses provide an overview of vulnerabilities

Sentor’s application security analyses give you a complete picture of the possible vulnerabilities in your applications, the risks they pose and an analysis of where your security processes stand today. To achieve a high level of security, we recommend the following:

  • Involve Sentor early on in your development projects
  • Lets us support you in integrating security in the process
  • Employ our application security experts to perform thorough testing of your applications

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We have performed a large amount of application security tests over the years, and we therefore have extensive knowledge of the types of vulnerabilities most commonly found.

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SDL (Secure Development Life-Cycle)

In the long run, Secure Development Lifecycle is a cost-effective way to minimize risks from applications before production launch.

Sentor has a major focus and extensive experience in application security and offers several services that can help companies permanently increase the security in their application development:

  • Security assessments of web applications
  • Seminars and training in application security for developers
  • Diagnostic tests of your developer’s expertise in application security
  • Security in application design
  • Risk analysis and hot modeling at the start of development projects / sprints
  • Development of test cases for security testing
  • Counseling in application security during the development phase
  • Source code revisions


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