Business Continuity Management

Ensure that you can react to a major disruption

business continuity management

Business Continuity Management – ISO 22301

With business continuity management according to ISO 22301 you can ensure that you can react to a major disruption, restoring to normal mode, maintain operations and reduce recovery time.

ISO 22301 specifies requirements for a management system intended to protect, reduce the likelihood of, and ensure that your company will recover from any disturbance.

Already working with ISO 22301?

It does not matter if continuity planning and ISO 22301 is an entirely new concept for you, or if you have worked with it before. We adapt our services in the area of your operations to ensure continuity of vital business processes.

Benefits of the introduction of contingency planning and business continuity management

  • Identification and management of threats to your business in case of malfunction
  • Resulting in a more proactive approach in order to prevent and reduce the damage of interference
  • Reducing downtime and recovery time disorder
  • Enhanced ability to sustain (reduced) operations during the disturbance and recovery
  • Looking to increase the up-time of show business-critical systems and functions
  • Displays for customers and suppliers that you take business continuity seriously

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