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IT Security Education

Since 1998 Sentor has carried out hundreds of safety assessments and penetration tests of our customers’ IT environments. Our unequivocal conclusion is that web applications often lack in security, potentially causing extensive damage. Security deficiencies depend almost exclusively on low awareness and lack of focus on security issues in application development and testing.

In light of this, Sentor offers two courses in IT security.

1. Secure application development

With the help of Sentor’s course in secure application development, you get a basic understanding of the most common security weaknesses in web applications and what the consequences there might be if an attacker manages to exploit them. You will get tools to prevent security flaws, testing, identifying and resolving the the breaches that did occur despite the preventive measures.

The focus is on demonstrations of how various security weaknesses can be exploited by attackers, and examples of practices that can prevent those weakness from arising.

Target Group

CIO, Development Managers, Project Managers, IT Security Managers, Security- and System Architects, Developers

  • Presentation of security issues defined in OWASP Top 10
  • Demonstrations of how these issues can be exploited
  • Lectures on how to protect oneself through specific techniques and processes.

2. Secure programming and application development

This is a practical course that provides an in-depth understanding of how typical security flaws in web applications arise and the consequences of those flaws being exploited by a malicious party. The purpose of this is to learn how to identify, rectify and prevent vulnerable situations. Security awareness will then be integrated as a natural part of development.
The focus is on teacher-led laborations where participants into groups of two identify and exploit various security flaws. In exercises, they will discuss the methods and techniques to prevent security threats from arising.

Target Group

Developers, Software Testers, Security- and System Architects

  • Presentation of security issues defined in OWASP Top 10
  • In-depth focus on some of the most common and serious vulnerabilities, like data injection attacks and various types of cross-site scripting attacks
  • Examples and laborations in the most common frameworks for development of web applications, primarily Java and .NET/C#
  • In-depth focus on routines and processes for secure development and testing
  • Focus on vulnerabilities in web applications, but also touches on network security aspects.


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