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IT Forensics in cybercrime

When a company has fallen victim to cybercrime substantial resources are required, and accuracy and solid experience needed to properly conduct an investigation. The reasons for this are many. For example, cyber-criminals ‘boobytrap’ computers so that the evidence is destroyed if someone uses the computer after the crime was committed. Furthermore, evidence must be secured in a way that makes it valid in court.

Sentor has extensive experience performing cybercrime investigations, using the procedures demanded by Swedish and international justice.

Socialdemokraterna – investigation that lead to prosecution

One example of our competence in cybercrime investigations is our analysis of the hacking of Swedish political party Socialdemokraterna during autumn 2006. In this investigation, Sentor was able to secure evidence leading to prosecution of the suspects.

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Sentors step-by-step method

We are investigating cybercrime using our well-tested methods. First we’ll track, preserve and prepare evidence. Then we’ll reconstruct all activities in the network at the time of the crime, step by step, documenting times and dates, images and graphics. The result will be a solid testimony that clearly and simply visualize what has happened, what has and has not been done and who is guilty of what.

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