Risk analysis

Identify risks and threat to your organizations


Risk analysis

There are many reasons why companies or government organizations should do a risk analysis. But the main goal of a risk analysis is to identify threats, risks and vulnerabilities that the organization faces.

Avoid or reduce the impact of security incidents

A risk analysis conducted together with one of Sentors experts give you adequate decision support for security initiatives in your business. So you can take decisions that help you avoid and reduce the effects of unwanted security incidents.

Important defining security variables

In risk analysis, we make sure that you get a good view of what processes, systems and activities you have and how you can best keep them protected. Furthermore, we identify vulnerabilities and security flaws in your infrastructure that may affect your ability to handle a security incident.

The following are included in our standard of risk analysis:

  • Interviews to determine security variables in order to protect the processes, systems and operations
  • Inspection of premises, environment and infrastructural arrangements
  • Identification of internal and external threats, risks and vulnerabilities
  • Inspection of the company’s capacity to deal with security incidents

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