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Acting proactively with the help of IT security experts

In today’s computerized world, there is a constant struggle between IT security and and those looking to penetrate the defenses. The battlefields are companies whose business depend on secure IT environments and digitally stored information. Those companies refusing to yield to criminals have to constantly analyze ongoing events in the world and take proactive steps to reduce their exposure. Few companies have the time or resources needed to be on top of all this and develop strategies for proactive IT security. When the initiative is submitted to the cybercriminals, who are often a step ahead, business is under constant threat.

External advisors increase IT security

Many companies bring in external advisors with expertise and experience to anticipate trends and look ahead. Counselors provide knowledge and strategies that will enable the company to be proactive in their IT security. Increased security is achieved by shrinking the target area for cybercrime.

Here are some examples of how Sentor security counselors usually assist companies:

  • Analyzing ongoing events in order to predict trends that may be a threat to the company
  • Participating in projects and groups to confirm or question the general direction of IT security as well as the technologies and solutions your company is employing
  • Evaluating and guiding preventive IT security for developers, specialists and management
  • Designing or make suggestions for long-term plans and security strategies.
  • Developing IT security policies according to ISO 27001 and ISO 27002
  • Contributing technical expertise in various areas
  • Contributing knowledge of security processes and management
  • Reviewing projects, vendors, etc.
  • Implementing and revising IT security strategies

Counseling is based on trust

Therefore it is important that you feel comfortable with us before we start working together. Contact us for a no-obligation meeting to discuss your situation and your needs.


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Sentor works proactively in three steps

Sentor has developed a three-stage model effectively enhancing IT security in a company. You can employ our services to take a holistic approach to IT security or for specific advice in any of the different areas.
  1. Analysis and knowledge:
    An analysis of your security situation is based on two areas – your company and the outside world. From a security standpoint, your company could be a major target despite a generally low level of threat. We provide the knowledge needed to define a strategy for IT security.
  2. Strategy:
    A big reason why many cyberattacks are so expensive is that companies lack both tactical and strategic plans for their IT security. We help you to develop a long-term security strategy that both describes preventive measures as well as policies and response plans you should use for different types of attacks. We can also assist in the development of an IT security handbook under ISO 17799.
  3. Implementation and Audit:
    For a security strategy to fulfill its purpose, it must be implemented correctly and be continually revised. We help you to implement your strategies and revise them regularly based on new events in the world and within the company.

As counselors, we can also act very quickly in emergency situations such as an ongoing data breach.


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