SIEM as a service with monitoring 24/7

SIEM and Log Management 24/7

Centralized logging for monitoring of logs and troubleshooting is vital to effectively work with IT. Likewise, one needs to centralize security relevant logs to monitor, correlate and analyze them in order to detect unauthorized / unwanted activity in one’s IT systems.

Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) is the generic term for systems that address this need. Sentor believe that all companies need detection controls and have therefore developed a powerful managed service for SIEM.

Without SIEM it is hard to spot unwanted activity in IT systems. Not having SIEM is comparable to not have a burglar alarm for your office, and even worse since a digital attacker easily can escape detection in networks and systems without security monitoring. Since most of a company’s critical data is stored digitally it means a great risk to not monitor relevant logs.

Why choose SIEM as a service

SIEM require continuous adjustments and monitoring to work satisfactorily and deliver value and ROI. SIEM places high demands on IT security knowledge and experience. Sentor has therefore developed a service where we take responsibility for everything from definition of requirements to the ongoing operation and 24/7 monitoring of logs and alerts. LogSentry is developed together with the client to be tailored to the client’s needs and requirements.

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Advantages with LogSentry from Sentor

There are several advantages with LogSentry from Sentor. Among other things you’ll get:

  • A service fully managed by SIEM-experts
  • A clear methodology for requirements, implementation and delivery of services
  • Real-time monitoring, analysis and incident response 24/7
  • Enables visibility and measurability of security
  • Enables better IT Forensics


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