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Sentor offers a business intelligence service that fulfills the our client’s entire needs for threat and risk information. We monitor the flow of information on patches and new vulnerabilities in all commercial operating systems and applications, and provide our client with this information on a continuous basis. Together with Sentor’s managed vulnerability analysis tool we help our clients gain control of their systems, and their hardening and patching processes.

Even “darknets” are being monitored 24/7

In addition, we assist customers who wish to monitor discussions about the company name, key employees, or specific search strings on the Internet in real time. What makes this service unique is that all internet information is translated into English, which is relevant since about 70% of all Internet traffic is generated from Asia and Russia. The truly unique is the service coverage in terms of monitoring the so-called ”Darknets”.

Prevent security incidents

There are many reasons why it is important to get an early warning about the company’s brand being discussed at places where it normally would not be found. For example sensitive information, login information and credit card information is often disseminated and sold in certain IRC channels. If social media is being monitored it is also possible to capture the tones and messages about a particular person, product or brand. With ThreatSentry you will be able to discover events such as a disgruntled employee spreading harmful information or if an attack is being planned against your company.


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