Sentor, the Swedish Managed Security Service Provider, today announced its new partnership with British based company Intelliagg in order to strengthen ThreatSentry, Sentor’s threat intelligence offering. ThreatSentry are now able to cover the entirety of the deep and dark web activity to identify advanced threats to client’s businesses.

Cyber security is an arms race where attackers get more sophisticated, well-funded, well-organized and use techniques that are difficult to detect and mitigate. In order to stop attacks organizations need to realize how attackers think, work and what they aim to achieve.

In a time where many organizations use traditional signature-based intelligence feeds Sentor’s approach is to offer threat intelligence as a managed service that identifies and alert you on threats before they become an emergency.

New partnership enables better and quicker threat identification

Sentor today announced the partnership with British based threat intelligence company Intelliagg that will strengthen Sentor’s managed service ThreatSentry, a SOC service managed by security analysts 24/7 that includes Threat Intelligence, Vulnerability Intelligence and Vulnerability Scanning.

Sentor improves the ability to monitor public, private and darknet sources for different types of threats and activity. Due to the new partnership Sentor will be able to benefit from the machine learning technology platform that is language-aware and can adapts its information retrieval based on each client’s specific needs.

Threat Intelligence as a managed service 24/7

More intelligence can lead to increased alert volumes with false positives that waste security professionals’ time and making attacks harder to manage. ThreatSentry does the opposite by managing all the intelligence and threats in real-time, only alerting clients when it is necessary, so clients can address incidents before they become a crisis.

– Together with Intelliagg we can help clients effectively identify and act upon advanced threats hiding on darknets. Giving our clients the possibility to respond to breaches, emerging threats and secure their data and employees before it is too late, said Anders Söderström, CEO at Sentor.

– We are happy to work with Sentor to deliver this service and deliver intelligence of emerging threats. This cooperation with Sentor and their analysts will give us bespoke knowledge and protection against threats and threat actors specific to the Scandinavian market. Thomas Olofsson, founder of Intelliagg.

About Sentor

Sentor is a leading cyber security provider offering services to clients all over the world. With a Security Operations Center manned by security analysts 24/7 and the latest technology on the market, Sentor can detect and block attacks for clients in near real-time.

Sentor also has a team of highly qualified security consultants within information security and technical IT security that helps clients protects their digital assets.

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About Intelliagg

Intelliagg is a leading threat intelligence company founded in London working with organizations to control or evade data loss, reputational damage and targeted cyber crime through the provision of intelligence and automatic threat detection through machine learning.

The company’s founders had a vision to bridge the gap between technical cyber protection and theoretical risk assessment models with actionable threat intelligence.

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